‘The First Time’ is the debut single from Between The Frames, from York based musician Ben Jones and produced with Samael Orozco. The track comes in advance of his first EP, ‘States and Fortunes,’ scheduled for release later this year.

‘The First Time,’ is the first of three singles from the EP, enriched with pop tones and packed with melody, narrative and stories of life, as Ben explains:

“this song explains the rollercoaster of feelings and emotions you feel when you meet a new love interest, and aims to strike the perfect, relatable chord with the listener. We’ve all been there right?” 

The indie-pop offering comes complete with stabbing guitar lines to accompany plush storytelling vocals.  Jones creates layers of vocals and harmonies enhancing the tracks momentum. Mixed and produced in California, the sound of this track can be conjured up in the artwork, beautiful washes of sunset are portrayed in a distant frame with palm-trees blowing gently in the breeze, you wonder if the California setting has influenced the finished piece.

Between The Frames arises from Ben Jones’s personal passion and love for commercial pop, a perfect gentle lift to bring us back into the present. Jones takes us into a state of renewal, a different mindset and a time for reflection with the new horizon represented here in the scenic landscape, as he welcomes in the summer and new beginnings.

Between The Frames takes influences from artists with great storytelling skills from Taylor Swift, The 1975 and The Killers. Between The Frames is a name that stuck with Jones after visiting a Glasgow art gallery on holiday, art being a vehicle for his expression.

Look out for Between The Frames, as he pops up on various radio shows from Jericho Keys, BBC Introducing Yorkshire and a whole plethoria of international online radio stations. 

Have a listen here: