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Brixton Hillbilly release Xmas album, to raise money for the charity Brixton Soup Kitchen, who assist with housing, shelter, clothing, food and legal advice. Artists appearing on the album all hail from Brixton Hill studios, including Alessi's Ark, Hot Sauce Pony, Jerskin Fendrix, Black Midi, Ham Legion, Scud FM and Bad Parents
Brixton Hillbilly, Xmas Album, Brixton Soup Kitchen, Bad Parents, Black Midi, Jerskin Fendrix, Ham Legion, Scud FM, Hot Sauce Pony, Alessi's Ark
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It’s Briiiiixmaaaaas!!


December 01, 2018

Alessi's Ark, Bad Parents, Black Midi, Brixton Hill Studios, Brixton Hillbilly, Brixton Soup Kitchen, Ham Legion, Hot Sauce Pony, It's Brixmaaaaas, Jerskin Fendrix, Scud FM, Xmas Album
About This Project


FORMAT: Vinyl, CD and download


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South London’s much celebrated underground music scene comes together to create a min-album of original Christmas songs, ‘It’s Brixmaaaaas’, to raise cash for Brixton’s Soup Kitchen.


‘It’s Brixmaaaaas’ features contributions from Black Midi & Jerskin Fendrix, Ham Legion, Bad Parents, Scud FM, Alessi’s Ark and Hot Sauce Pony and is released on the Brixton Hillbilly label on Dec 7.


The album is the brainchild of Stephen Gilchrist, a seasoned session drummer fror the likes of Graham Coxon and The Damned, bassist with Hot Sauce Pony and owner of Brixton Hill Studios where all the bands rehearse or record.  Situated a couple of doors up Brixton Hill from the Windmill venue, the studio is a lynchpin of the Brixton music scene, and Stephen felt it was time for local musicians to support the work of Brixton Soup Kitchen, which has been helping the area’s homeless since 2003.


“Considering this is becoming one of the richest boroughs in the world,” Gilchrist said: “it’s very upsetting to think that we still need soup kitchens and food banks.”


Though differing in style and mood, from the emotion-drenched Black Midi/ Fendrix Jersk collaboration ‘Ice Cream’ and solemn sounding ‘Christmas In Prison’ by Hot Sauce Pony, to the playful and irresistibly catchy ‘Christmas Present’ by Bad Parents, the six tracks are unified by their heartfelt and un-ironic embrace of the Christmas song as an entity.




Ice Cream – Black Fendrix Jersk Midi [6:36]
Winter’s Grace – Alessi’s Ark [3:19]
We’d Better Start Dinner – Ham Legion [2:41]
Christmas Present – Bad Parents [3:52]
Christmas Crime – Scud FM [4:56]
Christmas In Prison – Hot Sauce Pony [4:31]