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Junkerry presents Amaurosis, across UK planetariums and venues
Junkerry, amaurosis
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Amaurosis, Junkerry
About This Project

“We sit back and relax, as we are bathed in an aural sea” GIITTV


“An island where you can take refuge, deep, sincere and quietly spiritual,” TF1 TV, Paris


“Captivating and inspiring” Time Out



Junkerry’s adventures in spatial sound are a genre bending blend of music, visuals and technology, introducing original experiences to her audiences. Previous projects have included: Google Tilt, Royal College of Art, Kings College, Escape Studios and artists, Patrick Morgan and Neil Wilder. She has immersed audiences at venues including V&A and been nominated for prizes at NASA/CineSpace and Los Angeles Film Festivals.


Amaurosis is a collaboration with visual artist Lucy Hardcastle and King’s College, embarking on an initial three-date Planetarium tour this November, with dates in London, Berlin and New York planned for 2020.


Junkerry is a multi-disciplinary artist specialising in conceptual spatial sound spheres that embrace the duality between sound and vision. Storytelling through tech is a core element in her work and this performance takes the narrative one step further. Audience members wear blindfolds and an 8-speaker spatial sound system transports them inside the music.


A performance in the dark is an intriguing prospect – without vision, the listener creates their own images and narrative and as your neurology takes over the lines between subjective and objective are blurred. Spatial technology moves the sound around from one speaker to the next, altering the listeners awareness. Junkerry explains, “Spatial tools allow me to choreograph and play with sound. I can literarily place the audience inside the music score. So they have a deeper connection with what they hear.”


The music is a beautifully composed 40-minute piece, a fusion of instruments including jazz trumpet, classical cello, Indian tabla and electric guitar, with vocals from Junkerry and her 11 year old daughter Jun, with meditative voices of 3000monks.Creating an ambient sound, with layers of colours and textures, that Junkerry describes as, “a new kind of performance, where each person in the audience has a personal encounter with the music and visuals.”


Inspired by Amaurosis Fugax, a temporary loss of vision, due to tired or overworked eyes, where vision switches off, lasting 30 seconds up to hours. The subject experiences their surroundings differently in that section of time. When awakened, textures and colours appear more vivid and prolific, as is illustrated in the show. After 30 minutes of intense listening blindfolds are taken off and we encounter Lucy Hardcastle’s visuals, as abstract graphics and textures lull us back into the present.


2019 brings you performances at the following venues:


Amaurosis 2019: